Grief Relief

Everyone knows that loss is one of life’s most difficult experiences.  However, it also is true that when one experiences intense feelings of grief and sorrow, comforting words can make a miraculous difference. When the end of life does happen, we never are prepared. The fact is, emotionally, most of us aren’t ready to deal with life-altering loss. Anna Prassa, a professional grief counselor, will help you and your loved ones through this life change so you can come to terms with your loss. She will listen to your thoughts, feelings and needs, so you are able to communicate from the heart about the loss. Grieving with a caring individual is naturally healing and can help make this life transition one filled with precious memories of your past loss.

Anna has created an innovative approach to healing from grief, combining natural healing elements with personal care to help people through a very difficult time. It is crucial that listening and caring be the focus of the grief process so loved ones can move forward in a healthy and positive fashion.


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