Nurturing Yourself During Grief

5 Steps Towards Nurturing Yourself

1. Discover what feels nurturing to you.

Try journaling to remember times in which you felt particularly nurtured. Gently ask yourself, “what feels nurturing?”

2. Resolve any conflicts around nurturing yourself.

Discuss your goal of nurturing yourself with the people around you so they support you in your efforts to nurture yourself.

3. Give yourself permission to do what feel nurturing
to yourself.

Create the time, space and energy to nurture yourself by simply giving your self permission to do so.

4. Evaluate if something was nurturing or not.

Spend some time evaluating whether your efforts are working.

5. Be patient with yourself and other people.

Like anything new, learning to nurture yourself takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself and your families as you learn to nurture yourself. You also will teach your family a valuable lesson.

“Within All of Life…. There is a Season”


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