Corporations & Grief

In our ever changing world of sudden tragic events, uncontrollable losses, and uncertainty, companies receive the trickle down effects from their employees. Employees who experience unresolved loss and grief cost companies in productivity, increased absenteeism, and poor co-worker relationships.

AZ Center for Loss & Grief are highly trained counselors and Chaplains whose purpose is to assist employees with their personal, and professional losses, and traumas by listening, supporting, and guiding them to recovery. While recovering, the employee will find a new passion, and a renewed way of life.

Most companies allow their employees only three days to bereave a death of a family member. This is not enough time to grieve, and return to work fully equipped to tackle their daily responsibilities. There are many other losses people experience such as: loss of a parent, friend, child, pet, relationship. There are divorces, financial or legal challenges including job stress. AZ Center for Loss & Grief can be called upon when a company has an unexpected loss that affects the entire company.

AZ Center for Loss & Grief will come to your worksite, and visit an individual employee or provide a group session. Employees are available to visit us confidentially at our center for a private counseling session or a grief group session. We also offer employee educational seminars which can be individually created or chosen from the list we offer.

AZ Center for Loss & Grief is the perfect fit with any current employee assistance program. Give us a call, we will be happy to discuss all of the possibilities on how we can assist your employees.