Losing a pet

AZ Center for Loss & Grief understands the strong feeling of grief that accompanies the loss of a loved pet. Bereavement support is offered to individuals, and families to help them understand, and cope with their grief in the first year following the death of their cherished animal companion.

Private counseling and grief support groups serve to acknowledge, and honor those who are mourning, and aid them in making sense of what they may be feeling. Grief counseling also assists individuals in finding meaning after their loss, encouraging personal growth, and healing along the way — enabling the bereaved to love again.

Anna feels that grief is a normal response to any important loss in life regardless of whether death follows a prolonged illness or occurs suddenly. Bereavement counseling has taught her that grief is indifferent to the species of the loved one who was lost. She believes that anyone who loves greatly in life and grieves deeply in loss is deserving of whatever respect, caring, and support she can offer.

Some important questions:

How to cope with Pet Loss

Am I crazy to hurt so much?

What can I expect to feel after my loss?

What should I tell my children?

Will my other pets grieve?

Should I get a new pet right away?