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AZ Center for Loss & Grief » Workshops



All workshops can be be presented as a single seminar or can be interchangeable.
If there is a specific need for your group we are happy to custom design and create a workshop that fits your needs.

Living with Loss

Loss, whether minimal or life altering, requires a grief process that can be extensive and burdensome for many people. This workshop steps through the eight stages of grieving following a loss and under-standing forgiveness plays in the process. Participants learn the art of letting go, self-care and moving forward to fulfill their lives and achieve happiness again.

Build an emotional first-aid kit
• Examine your belief system regarding loss and grief
• Walk through the stages of grieving
• Prevent falling into and/or get out of the “victim” trap
• Implement the stages to recover from loss
• Regardless of the magnitude, loss is inevitable and
• Realize that any gain in life has some loss attached to it

Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace

Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, trust is valued more importantly than ever. This workshop helps leaders and employees learn how to acknowledge betrayal, recover from it and begin building trust. Real-life workplace examples illustrate trust building principles and practices. And, practical exercises and tips can be implemented immediately to start creating more effective relationships for a more productive work environment.

The Laws of Wellness

Wellness is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Unfortunately, it is least understood. This workshop reveals core values and principals for consciously moving toward optimal health and a higher quality of life. The fact is, what people say, how they think and what they do, has a profound effect on physical and emotional health. Participants learn the logical principals to blending mind, body and spirit for the ultimate goal – wellness.

Pin-Point Positive*

This workshop looks at the human response to stress and how it affects mind and body. Participants learn the body’s pressure points so they can personally eliminate headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain. Session attendees learn what stress is and how to activate natural healing chemicals to achieve health and balance of the mind and body. Features the innovative WellQuest Ac•u•pointer® and Body Scape map.

Balancing Work, Family & Self*

This hands-on lecture introduces tools and techniques and values and virtues encompassed in the principles of natural laws for creating balance in all aspects of life. As the session/journey progresses, participants will realize how to regain passion, joy, wellbeing and balance in life. Workbook included.

Thriving with Fibromyalgia*

This workshop provides fibromyalgia sufferers with guidelines for maintaining a highly productive quality of life without medication or lost workdays. Each participant designs their own life practice incorporating practical, natural healing techniques for effective results. The perfect alternative to medication and/or disability. Workbook included.

Anger Kills

The body sends signals when anger lurks on the horizon. If these signals are noticed early enough, people have a greater chance of gaining control before things get out of control. Participants learn about the anger iceberg theory and the internal and external triggers that can cause the wrong anger response to occur.

‘Tis the season… Avoid Holiday Stress

This seasonal workshop will assist and remind everyone about the true meaning of the holiday season, regardless of their faith. This workshop will cover: * The  dos and don’ts to managing holiday blues, * How to enjoy holiday meals and not gain weight, *Keeping balance and moderation form Thanksgiving to New Years, * Learn the natural healing qualities in holiday foods, * Avoid overwhelming holiday stress and plan ahead, * 10 ways to avoid year end stress, * Stay within your budget while keeping everyone happy, including yourself, 8 Facing loss and grief during the holidays.

Civility…..Your Choice

In this interactive workshop, each person gains tools on living a civil life. The laws and rules of civility is discussed, and demonstrated how a civil life style can be implemented into daily living. There are personal civility building blocks discussed, which are: respect, truth, honesty, humility, transparency, accountability, and consistency. If you do not feel civil at any particular day, this workshop will give you tools to feel civil. Also, there are perfect comebacks on what to say to rude people without being rude yourself.  This is a truly needed, understandable, upbeat, and remembered experience.

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